These days, we work hard to keep things in balance.

Whether we're talking about our health, our nutrition or our families, we need facts and reliable information to achieve the right balance in our decision making. The same goes for Broomfield energy.

In Broomfield, we're blessed. Having the right mix of Colorado home-grown energy (natural gas, wind and solar) can ensure our continued community growth. But we must be certain that our health remains uncompromised. 

Broomfield Balanced Energy Coalition (BBEC) encourages everyone in our community to carefully weigh available vote_no.pngscientific information about oil and gas production and vote "NO" on Ballot Question 300. When discussing the need to ban fracking along the Front Range, the risks of this tried and true practice are often overstated, and the benefits are not even mentioned. Ballot Question 300 is a perfect example of these overstated risks.

Let's restore the balance. Let's vote "NO" on Ballot Question 300. A ban is not an energy plan for Broomfield.


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